Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions have been substantively refreshed to think about changes in enactment and controls pertinent to the different Simflix Users all around to which we give administrations. These terms apply to anybody who uses our website and administer the legitimate connection amongst Bulk SMS and its Users. People utilizing the Website or the Services for any reason at all predicament themselves and consent to these terms and conditions.
1. The User therefore announces and concurs that
(i) All data (counting individual data) given by the User amid Registration is valid, authentic and exact and that the User might guarantee that all such data is present, furnished, and valid consistently.
(ii) The User should keep up and refresh the User’s enrollment information, to keep such information present, furnished and genuine.
(iii) The User speaks to that he/she is of legitimate age (if the User is an individual) and has the essential lawful remaining to shape a coupling contract with Simflix and is not a man banished from accepting Services under the laws of Kenya or other appropriate jurisdiction.
All individual data given by the User so as to finish Registration might be dealt with as per the Privacy Policy as might be pertinent every now and then.
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i. The User recognizes and acknowledges that Simflix may, at its sole watchfulness, deactivate the User’s Account, or suspend the User’s entrance to any Service without see whenever. Further, Simflix maintains all authority to expel or scratch off any of the Content or keep the circulation of any Content, without see and without being obliged to give any clarification to the same. The User thus approves Simflix to depend on any information, notice, guideline or demand outfitted by the User to Simflix, or that Simflix sensibly accepts to have been outfitted by such User.
ii. The User recognizes and concurs that Simflix demonstrations simply as a facilitator in regard of the Services and should not be at risk or dependable in any way at all for the Content or some other part of such Service.
iii. The User concurs that Simflix maintains whatever authority is needed to can’t, deny or generally confine the utilization of the Services by any User, including the privilege to end the utilization of any Services by any User without see whenever for any reason as Simflix in its sole tact may regard adequate, or without reason. Simflix should not be at risk in any way at all for such refusal, confinement or end of the utilization of any Services by a User whenever.
iv. The User concurs that unless generally showed, any alteration of the Services which adjust the path in which the Service can be utilized and additionally the dispatch of new Services will be liable to, and accordingly directed by the ToS and other important Service Agreements.
v. The User recognizes that Simflix does not expect any certain or unequivocal obligation regarding the Content put away as well as distributed by the User through the Site. The User additionally acknowledges and concurs that all statements and suppositions communicated by the User are the sole assertions and feelings of such User and don’t really speak to Simflix assessments. Any individual who trusts that any Content put away as well as distributed on the Site or circulated through the Site by any User encroaches any law, is mercifully asked for to contact Simflix at the accompanying email address admin@simflix.co.ke\

3. Refund terms for Fraud or Spam Content.
i. We do not allow Fraud or Spam messages over our network, We won’t allow such content and any payments or customer balance shall be forfeited and shall not be refunded in such cases.
ii. Simflix won’t capture, screen, duplicate or reveal any User messages or individual data about the User or the User’s Simflix record, phonebook or MSISDN’s, other than in the ordinary course of the utilization of the Services, without the User’s earlier authorization unless Simflix trusts in accordance with some basic honesty that such activity is important to fit in with lawful prerequisites, to co-work or follow legitimate process, examinations, summonses, and so forth, to ensure and guard the rights, property or legitimately protectable enthusiasm of Simflix, the User or other outsider, to uphold any of the arrangements of these terms and conditions or to secure Simflix’s business or notoriety.
4. The User concurs that Simflix may get to its record and message substance for the reasons depicted above without see and keeping in mind the end goal to react to administration or specialized issues and that Simflix may speak with the User every now and then for purposes including, however not constrained to, conveying data in regards to any updates, overhauls, sees, or other data.
a) A beneficiary of a message has the privilege to know the character of the sender, and this will be uncovered on demand to the beneficiary.
b) Users concur that Simflix may make utilization of a User’s profile and record data for non-individual measurable purposes.
c) Users concur that they might not abuse any security laws, controls or appropriate implicit rules identifying with the assurance of individual data of End Users including however not restricted to names, addresses, email locations, landline and cell phone numbers and should not reveal the individual data of end clients to any outsider spare without the express assent of the End User or where particularly required or allowed by law to do as such.
d) All substance, trademarks and information on this site, including yet not restricted to programming, databases, content, illustrations, symbols, hyperlinks, private data, and plans are the property of or authorized to Simflix, and all things considered, are shielded from encroachment by local and universal enactment and settlements. Subject to the rights stood to the User in this, every single other ideal to all protected innovation on this site are explicitly held.
e) Simflix should allow a User an individual, individual, non-sublicensable, non-elite and non-transferable permit (“the License”) to utilize its exclusive programming or potentially application benefit, in protest code frame just, and just as per the pertinent User documentation, assuming any, and just in conjunction with the significant Services. The User may not, straightforwardly or in a roundabout way, figure out, de-incorporate, dismantle or generally endeavor to build up the source code or basic thoughts or calculations of the product; change, decipher, or make subsidiary works in view of the product/application; duplicate (aside from recorded purposes), lease, rent, disseminate, relegate, or generally exchange rights to the product/application; utilize the product/application for timesharing or administration department purposes or generally for the advantage of an outsider; or expel any restrictive notification or marks with respect to Simflix items as well as administrations. The User recognizes that Simflix and its licensors hold responsibility for legitimacy applications, programming, protected innovation and any parts or duplicates thereof, and all rights in that. Endless supply of the Services for any reason, this License will end and the User might obliterate and stop to utilize all product and applications in its ownership. The product is given and applications are offered “as seems to be” and subject to the Service guarantee disclaimers and restrictions of obligation discovered somewhere else in these terms and conditions. It is the duty of the User to test the Services should they wish before going into this assention.
f) The disappointment of either gathering to practice in any regard any privilege accommodated in this won’t be considered a waiver of any further rights here under. On the off chance that any arrangement of these terms and conditions is observed to be unenforceable or invalid, such term(s) or condition(s) should be severable from the rest of the terms and conditions. The rest of the terms and conditions might not be influenced by such unenforceability or weakness and should stay enforceable and material.
g) On the off chance that you have any inquiries, questions or wish to ask for authorization to utilize any piece of this Website, including, connecting, confining, or seeking, please get in touch with us at the accompanying location, which address might be the address at which any lawful notification or reports should be required to be served.
Cancellation Policy
Cancellation is “Not Applicable”. Since we are not dealing with goods, so cancellation is “Not Applicable”.
As a company policy, we do not issue refunds unless a system malfunction caused a problem or your account was terminated without cause, in most cases, all purchased credit is non-refundable.
Compliance Issues
We do not provide refunds for packages or unused credits on accounts that were terminated due to a compliance issue.
Be sure to read and understand our Terms of Use and Acceptable Use Policy before you send an SMS or Bulk WhatsApp campaign with Simflix. We reserve the right to disable or deactivate any account if our Compliance Team finds that a user has abused our system in any way.
Request a Refund
We’ll give you a refund if we stop providing the Service and terminate your account without cause. You won’t be entitled to a refund from us under any other circumstances. We may, at our sole discretion, offer a refund if a Member requests one. To request a refund, send us an email to admin@simflix.co.ke with your request and explanation, and we’ll be happy to review your case.

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